Barrie Beehag Ski Race victory for Hellrazor

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The 2011 Barrie Beehag Ski Race took place on Saturday, the 19th November on the Murray River. The day set off well with all teams turning out for the briefing at 7:30am and with overcast skies, there was hope that Mother Nature would keep the rain away.

As the morning progressed the threat of rain seemed to hang around with drizzling rain around for most of the afternoon, which did not deter the crowds on the bank or the skiers on the water.

Around 10am Blazen fronted the starter for the 2011 Barrie Beehag Ski Race. As Blazen went to take off, there some mechanical trouble and the boat stalled, it started again and off they Blazed down the river. This gave an edge to the next boat Hellrazor who left shortly after Blazen. Sapphire Racing were the fastest team to the turnaround point in a time of 11:31.

Once all the boats had left for Torrumbarry – there were four non-starters. In the first leg, eleven boats had broken down for various reasons, with the same number breaking down for the return journey.

Around 2pm – the boats started the return journey to Deep Creek Marina. Close finishing times had the stopwatches in frenzy as judges carefully went over the times.

Hellrazor towing Michael Kelly and Peter Proctor came across the line in a time of 23:25.37, followed by Elm Street towing Tom Smith and Kane Howard in a time of 24:08.58. Very closely followed by Hellbent towing Chris Gelle and Steven Morley in a time of 24:09.00 – 2 1/100 of second separating them – very close racing!

Sapphire Racing, who was leading the racing at the turn around had a fall, which they managed to recover from and finished in a time of 32:28.05.

The winner of the Unlimited class was The Judge with Dale Hally and Rhys Duggan skiing, they were also four fastest overall.

In 8 Litre and with a new record surpassing their previous record from 2009, were the Sportspage team with Dean Johns driving, Aaron Martin observing and Steve Rowe and Nathan Glynn doing the skiing. Their time was 24:37.38.

In the MOC class Thundernut towing Brett Dominguez and Anthony Pickles were the winners in a time of 29:24.90.

In 6 Litre in a new record time of 25:04.86, beating the time set by Mojo in 2009, was the team of Ultra Troublemaker, towing Jason Cartledge and Dylan Stevenson.

In SMOC, The Specimen with Tim Everist and Doug Perry in the boat, and towing Troy Watts and Clancy Vaughan were the winners in a time of 29:30.93.

200hp Outboard and the winner was Anger Management in a time of 32:59.57, they were towing Sam Handley and Ryan Campbell.

Under 19 Boys and Girls and the team from Frantic were the winners, they were towing Beau Duggan and Dylan Cuff.

Junior Boys and Girls and Mac Batchelor and Lloyd Woolman were the victors, skiing behind Wild Turkey in a time of 27:56.93.

70 mph and Brutal were the winners towing Mark Matton and Todd Cuthbert in a record time of 33:31.91.

Old Mate were the winners in 60 mph class in a record time of 36:02.13, they were towing Billy Pickles and Matthew Cozens.

Overall a fantastic day of racing, with great family crowds watching the action from Deep Creek Marina. Money raised from this event, goes to Echuca Regional Health’s Oncology Unit, in memory of Barrie Beehag, for whom the race was named after.

BBOfficial ResultsClassOrder                                                                                   First Leg          Second Leg      FinalTime
7Elm StreetDanielTimewellPeterStrikeTomSmithKaneHoward0:11:43.430:12:25.150:24:08.58 
10OmenRacingMichaelBrooksStephen BoyerKarlWilsonMark Boyer0:12:22.130:19:49.10:32:11.14 
6GassaDavidBradfordTimGardnerJustinCaddenJamesBuser. .0. dnf
 BBOfficial ResultsTimeOrder                                                                                  First Leg               Second Leg          Final
7Elm StreetDanielTimewellPeterStrikeTomSmithKaneHoward0:11:43.430:12:25.150:24:08.58
18Ultra TroublemakerScott NindStuartHorneJasonCartledgeDylanStevenson0:12:27.210:12:37.650:25:04.86
20InsanityStevenLiversidgeSimonZealleyJason DyballRobbieSkennerton0:13:07.210:13:21.290:26:28.50

For full results, click here. The next event for the Moama Water Sports Club is the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80, which is to be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th February. Entries for this event are now available online. These entries close on Saturday 31st December 2011.

For further information regarding this event visit the Southern 80 web page and follow the links to the BB Ski Race Classic.